How to choose a household coffee machine?

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

Finding a good coffee machine for your home isn’t difficult, you just need to decide on your tastes, financial capacity, the number of family members, and also pay attention to the kitchen interior, because the new device will become its integral element and must match the design. In this article I’ll tell you about the main characteristics of coffee machines so that you can find the perfect one for making your favorite drink.

Coffee Machine

There are many nuances when choosing a good coffee machine. However, for making a couple of cups of an aromatic drink at home, the most important are:

·      Price. It’s the very first and most important criterion when buying a coffee machine. A good device always has an impressive price tag. Its cost depends on the materials from which it’s made, power and the availability of additional functions like a display or cup warmer.

·      Design. A beautiful coffee maker will better fit into the kitchen interior, but this doesn’t affect the quality of the drink. Sometimes it’s better to buy an option with a simple design and a lot of features.

·      Efficiency. There are powerful machines that can make 50, 100 or more cups of coffee a day. For a small family, purchasing such a coffee machine wouldn’t be advisable. It’s much more profitable to buy a smaller and cheaper device, or for the same money to focus on the quality of drink and the availability of additional functionality.

·      Additional functions. Such opportunities will be especially important for those who haven’t learned how to make good coffee themselves.

Useful and very useful functions of coffee machines

Coffee machine manufacturers try to keep human involvement to a minimum and improve the beverage quality. With modern appliances, you can prepare a delicious Cappuccino or Espresso by pressing just one button. Some functions are necessary, while others just make the process of preparing a drink more enjoyable:

·      The presence of a coffee grinder. Ground coffee quickly loses its aroma and flavor. Therefore, experts recommend grinding coffee just before preparing a drink.

·      Steel or ceramic millstones. Steel millstones are more durable and easier to maintain. Ceramic millstones, although less durable, work quietly. And if you like to get up early and don’t want to wake up the family with the noise of a coffee grinder, then feel free to choose the second version.

·      Adjustment of grind size. This option affects the variety of drinks that can be prepared with the device. Finely ground coffee will be more bitter and stronger — just what you need for a real Espresso. The coarse grind is more suitable for making simple drinks like Americano.

·      Adjustment of coffee dosage. With a large amount of coffee, the water passes through it more slowly, so the drink is strong and rich. This function is a must for a big family with different tastes.

·      Display. A useful addition to simplify the exploitation of coffee machine. It shows information about the water level in the tank, the current settings, etc.

Important recommendations

Any coffee machine is a complex technique that requires proper handling. Over time, coffee oils accumulate in the hydraulic system of the machine and spoil the drink taste. Fortunately, modern devices are equipped with a display and electronic control, so you’ll always know if the machine needs cleaning.

There are other nice features such as a Cappuccino maker, an extra boiler or a cup warmer. All these additions affect the cost of coffee machine. So if you don’t like Cappuccino or you don’t care about the cup temperature, then it’s reasonable to save some money and buy a coffee machine that will fully satisfy both your wishes and your family members.

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