Review of the most popular coffee drinks

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

Previously, coffee had an unusual taste and texture, since it was prepared from dried and unroasted beans, which were poured with water and infused. Then this infusion was drunk both in its pure form and mixed with butter or milk. With this method of preparation, the properties of coffee weren’t fully revealed. Now there are several ways to make coffee, I’ll talk about it in the article.

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Classic types of coffee and coffee drinks

One of the oldest and most widespread recipes in the world is Turkish coffee (aka. oriental). It was first cooked in Istanbul in the 16th century. In the same period, the first coffeehouse appeared, accessible not only to the rich, but also to commoners. Now Turkish coffee is a national treasure of Turkey, although the method of its preparation has long spread throughout the world due to its simple preparation. To get a rich and aromatic drink you need:

·      Live flame.

·      Cezve (a cone-shaped metal vessel with a long handle).

·      Any single origin, medium roast and very finely ground coffee.

·      Fresh water.

Espresso can also be attributed to the classics of coffee drinks. Although it appeared much later, in the early 20th century, it quickly surpassed Turkish coffee in popularity. In its pure form, in addition to the classic version, there are such varieties as:

·      Americano. This is an Espresso with hot water in the ratio 1:3.

·      Ristretto. This is a more concentrated Espresso. It’s prepared in the ratio 15-25 ml of water to 7 grams of coffee powder.

·      Lungo. This is an Espresso with an extraction time of more than 30 seconds.

·      Doppio. This is a double Espresso.

·      Freddo. This is an iced Espresso.

You can make a real Espresso at home using a coffee machine and following the recipe. Now this coffee is the most consumed in the world, as many types of drinks are prepared on its basis.

Coffee drinks with milk and cream

The first positions on this list are occupied by various combinations of espresso with dairy products. Different proportions, temperatures and mixing methods give absolutely unique tastes and aromas.

Vienna coffee, Con Panna and Creamy coffee delight their fans with thick foam sprinkled with grated chocolate or cinnamon. In Mocha, whipped cream and milk are combined with chocolate syrup. On a hot day, it’s good to drink Glace (coffee with ice cream) or Frappe with milk foam (cocktail of Greek origin).

The most famous coffee drink with milk is Cappuccino. The unique foam-cream and incomparable taste have made it the favorite drink of many people. In addition, due to its low caffeine content, it can be drunk if strong coffee is contraindicated.

Coffee with alcohol

Certain types of coffee drinks with alcohol are also widely known, although they aren’t so diverse. Firstly, this is Irish coffee with Irish whiskey. Or its milder version — Irish cream coffee with Baileys or butter cream. This drink can be attributed to new types of coffee, as it appeared relatively recently, in the mid-20th century.

No less famous is Italian coffee with cognac or liqueur, which is called Corretto. In Cuban recipes, these alcoholic drinks are replaced with rum.

There are many myths about the effect of combining coffee and alcohol on the human body, so it’s better not to experiment yourself in this area and cook according to proven recipes.

New types of coffee drinks

The twentieth century gave coffee lovers new recipes for making a drink. However, I’ll talk about two of the most famous.

Latte (with emphasis on the first syllable) was invented in 1959 in San Francisco. This is a coffee cocktail, so it’s served in a special glass, but not in a cup. Latte is composed of immiscible layers of coffee, milk and milk foam. There’s also a variety of it — Latte Macchiato. Their difference is that during the preparation of a classic Latte, milk is added to coffee, in a Latte Macchiato, on the contrary, coffee is added to milk.

Flat white coffee combines the strength of Doppio and the tenderness of Cappuccino. The spice of the drink, invented in the 80s, is the perfectly flat white surface, which gave it its name. It’s convenient to apply Latte Art drawings on such a surface, which is what professional baristas do to the delight of connoisseurs.

Of course, the above types of coffee drinks and their description are only a small part of the whole variety that coffee fans can enjoy. Thousands of blends can be made from different varieties, which will allow you to get a drink unique in taste and aroma, if the following conditions are observed:

·      Quality coffee.

·      Fresh-roast beans.

·      Right grind.

·      Accurate adherence to the recipe.

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