Vacuum coffee maker is a real home laboratory for making coffee

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

In this article I’ll talk about a vacuum coffee maker: what it’s and how to use it.


Each method of preparing coffee is unique and has some advantages. However, a drink prepared in a vacuum coffee maker has special properties — it retains the maximum amount of aromatic and useful substances. That’s why this device is highly valued by gourmets and aesthetes.

What’s a vacuum coffee maker?

This unique device resembles a geyser coffee maker and a French press. However, in a vacuum coffee maker, due to the constant heating of the water, the color of the drink is more intense, and due to filtration, there’s no sediment in the cup. Although little known, this appliance has a long history. The principle of its operation, known in antiquity, was first used for making coffee in the 19th century, and was improved only in the mid-20th century. A modern vacuum coffee maker consists of:

·      Two communicating flasks of a certain shape made of thin borosilicate glass.

·      Gas burner.

·      Fine-mesh nylon filter.

·      Stand.

Usually, the device is made in a retro or hi-tech style, which allows you to choose a brand not only for technical characteristics, but also for aesthetic taste. For luxury vacuum coffee makers, some items are handcrafted, so they can be priced like a household coffee machine. Perhaps that’s why this device wasn’t widely used, remaining a luxury item or collectible.

How to use a vacuum coffee maker?

Due to the unusual construction of the device, the process of making coffee in a vacuum coffee maker resembles an experiment by an alchemist. However, there’s nothing difficult here:

1. Fill the lower flask almost completely with water.

2. Light the burner and place it under the lower flask.

3. While the water is heating, pour finely ground coffee powder into the upper flask (one teaspoon per cup).

4. While raising the water, stir the coffee slightly with a spoon so that the powder softens faster.

5. After boiling water, stop stirring and just observe your “experiment” for 4 minutes.

6. After that time, turn off and remove the burner.

7. When the coffee is completely in the lower flask, remove the upper flask and filter.

8. Well, a fragrant and free of impurities drink is ready. Thanks to the figured stand, which serves as the basis for the entire structure, it’s convenient to pour coffee into the cup.

What’s actually happening in the device? Part of the water, when heated, evaporates from the lower flask into the upper flask. There the steam, due to the lower temperature, turns back into water and permeates the coffee powder. After stopping heating, the temperature in the lower flask drops too and the water comes back as a coffee. The coffee grounds remain in the filter. Depending on the size of the flasks, you can prepare a one-time from 200 ml to 1000 ml of a drink.

Who’s the vacuum coffee maker for?

Despite the ease of use, this device isn’t produced for mass use, so the range and number of brands on the market are limited.

The unusual shape of the vacuum coffee maker makes it extraordinary. The same goes for the taste of the coffee made in it. Of course, in order to achieve this result, the beans must be of high quality, aromatic varieties and fresh-roasted.

The vacuum coffee maker will be a wonderful and original gift for real gourmets and coffee connoisseurs. In addition to being an eco-friendly and functional device, it can also serve as an interesting interior detail in a kitchen or coffeehouse.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay.

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