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Last Updated on December 18, 2020

Among all the methods of making coffee, AeroPress is the most modern, because it appeared in the 21st century (in 2005). However, the principle of its operation has been known to humanity since ancient times. Its construction resembles a syringe inside which a lid with a filter. Read on to find out how to use the AeroPress and what its advantages or disadvantages are.


What are the advantages of AeroPress?

There are a number of reasons why people are increasingly purchasing AeroPress for making coffee:

·      Simple design. Thanks to this, the device is more durable, doesn’t require complex maintenance and expensive repairs.

·      Ability to fully control the brewing process: pressure rate, water temperature, amount of ingredients, etc.

·      Compact. Compared with household coffee makers or even professional coffee machines.

·      Mobility. You can make Espresso or other coffee anywhere.

·      Safety. No open flame or electricity is needed to use it, and hot water is in a sealed flask.

What are the disadvantages of AeroPress?

When buying, you need to consider that the device also has some disadvantages:

·      Not all varieties of coffee are suitable for brewing in it, so it’s better to order a sample pack.

·      The water temperature, the weight of the ingredients and the brewing time will have to be determined using additional equipment.

·      The filters must be changed after each brewing, as they’re disposable.

·      You can’t make a classic Cappuccino.

Despite all the disadvantages, the device has its fans. And in some cases, the AeroPress can be indispensable for getting your favorite drink in just a couple of minutes and without using electricity or open flame.

How to make coffee in the AeroPress correctly?

It’s very easy to use the device if you know some nuances. Consider the technology for preparing one standard portion of coffee. This requires the following ingredients:

·      200-400 ml of boiling water, about half of which will be needed to warm the flask and filter.

·      About 15 grams of medium ground coffee.

Next, before brewing coffee, you need to prepare the AeroPress:

1. Place the filter in the special lid.

2. Attach the lid to the flask.

3. Place the device with the lid down on an empty container.

4. Pass about half of the hot water through the AeroPress to warm the flask and to rinse the filter.

The device is ready for use. Now you just have to do:

·      Pour coffee powder into a brewing flask and distribute evenly with gentle shaking.

·      Add 40-50 ml of boiling water and wait.

·      After 20 seconds, mix everything gently.

·      Add the remaining water.

·      Insert the plunger.

·      Within 15 seconds, press the plunger down non-stop and evenly.

A hissing sound (as if air is coming out) will mean that the drink is ready. Let it brew a little and you can enjoy soft, rich and aromatic coffee.

A few more tips

A drink prepared in AeroPress will be free of impurities and with a rich taste if you do the following:

1. Order fresh-roasted coffee beans (it’s mandatory).

2. Use only fresh and clean water.

3. Find the optimal combination of the ingredient amount by correctly calculating the water temperature, the degree of roast, the grind size, the strength and time of pressing.

If the pressure process is easy, then the grind is coarse. If with effort, then the grind is fine. AeroPress takes a little patience and practice from you. But as a result, you’ll get a real delicious drink.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay.

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