Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System

Last Updated on September 24, 2020

Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System

Have you imagined you can serve 4 up to 12 cups of coffee in only 3 up to 10 minutes? Of course you cannot do it manually, but using Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System everything is possible. Yes, this is new invention of home coffee processor with advanced technology. What makes this device different from the other is its last name, Chamber Maid Cleaning System. This trademark technology has been proven to give the most minimal amount of mess or coffee wastes. Not only that, this device of course has other number-one features.

Product Details and Features

Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System is the slimmest coffee making machine according to reliable source. With the measure of 9 x 4 x 4 inches, Its weight is only 1,8 pounds or 0,8 kilograms. Despite of its tiny size and weight, this product has some excellent features such as:

  1. Removable grinding chamber and cord storage

Removable grinding chamber and cord storage help you to clean this device more easily and thoroughly. They are easy to be put back either.

  1. Safe grinding chamber

Safety is number one. The blades on the grinding chamber have auto lock features, which are won’t move until the time is turned off. Moreover, this product will shut itself automatically after the process of grinding have finished.

  1. Chamber maid cleaning system

This is the main feature of this product. Chamber maid cleaning system contains a scraper bowl which dislocates and separates the wastes of the coffee from the wall of chamber directly into the cord storage. With this feature, problems such messy grounds and stack of coffee residues are truly eliminated.

  1. 3-Grind Settings

The 3 options of grinding method will allow you to get fine , medium, or course coffee. Just adjust into your favor.

  1. 1 year limited warranty

While average coffee processor only gives three months, Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System dares to give one year warranty to the customers. Naturally this product is made by firm and selected materials, but unfortunate events may occur at anytime. So, just use the facilities and the producer will repair it for free, or they will replace it with the new one.

Some Plus Points You Can Get From This Grinder

There are many advantages you can get when using this device as your coffee mate. First, the size of this product is very slim and the weight also very light, which allow you to carry and move this product easily. Compared to the others, this product is far more practical. Then, you can serve several numbers of coffee cups in relatively very short time without any difficulty. And as mentioned before, having this device will not bother you by neatness problem because this product has been implemented with innovative chamber maid cleaning system. Don’t wait any longer, reach your phone, go online, or come to nearest store to get this slim and sophisticating coffee maker!

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